Tuesday, April 6, 2010

numero uno

Well, I decided to start writing a blog in the hopes it will be more successful than my numerous forgotten journals! So I'm hoping I am capable of being a grown up (haha) and can blog my life on a relatively regular basis. I'm going to steal from Miss Genevieve and use first initials to a)make my life oh so much easier and b)stop you damn creepers from moving in (that is if there's anyone out there... helloooooooo....)

SO it's Tuesday after a longggg weekend, which was a great excuse to sleep all of the time! I worked afternoon shifts Thurs, Sat and Sun, which made it even more acceptable for me to sleep the morning away. I also have been trying to watch as much of the office as possible and watched that when I should have been sleeping. I also JUST survived crunch time and needed to give my body the sleep it deserved... One can only live off 3-4 (or 0) hours a night for so long before losing their mind. And I was damn close! But nothing is due this week and I don't work until after finals which is a little bit relaxing actually.

We went to costco yesterday so I got pretty much all the food I'm going to need for the rest of the semester, including the biggest pack of chicken ever; I had to put it in my CA's freezer because it wouldn't fit in my crappy teeny rez fridge. That fridge looks full but I can honestly have nothing to eat, I can't wait to have a full fridge in townhouses next year!

My fish are sick which kinda sucks, I had to get them medicine this weekend, it's like drops that you add every morning and make the water really foggy and nasty looking. But it's supposed to kill bacterial infections so whatever works I guess. Plus their water smells pretty good like tea tree oil so that's a plus for sure.

A plus is not my dying computer, it's apparently too much to have this blog, facebook, itunes and my flash drive open. I had to go out and get the flash drive yesterday so I could put anything important on it so I don't lose it whne this thing crashes for good. Even as a type this the words show up in spurts, I NEED a new computer. Unfortunately because of the horrible semester timing and my broke money situation it's going to have to wait til fallish. Which isn't too bad because they go on sale at that time and I can get a bit of a break. I added it up though, my tax return, easter money and HST rebate will pay for most of the computer thank god.

Anyhow, I am sick of seeing whatever I type late and will finish for now

- Hayley