Saturday, August 7, 2010

mmm cake

I like to bake. You may or may not know this about me. It all started in Fall when some of the girls on my floor and I realized we all really like to bake. So we started to bake about once every week. We baked mostly cupcakes, sometimes out of the box, other times from scratch and usually iced them in an array of colours. I have this Martha Stewart cupcakes book with about a million absolutely delicious recipes ranging from one bowl chocolate and buttermilk cupcakes to tres leches, all of them have something in common - they are tasty as anything! So that kind of propelled us to complete baking addicts, sometimes making cookies or cake as well. When I came home in April from school I was so used to baking that I continued to do it every week, pawning them off on whoever would eat them. I also found this recipe in a cooking magazine (see picture) for devils food cake with chocolate ganache decided to try and make it. Well I did and it was a hit to say the least. So this is pretty much my default cake as everyone I make it for raves about it and thing I'm some sort of baking whiz or somethings. I made it for my mom's bday along with homemade fondant. Which turned out alright; we were camping at the time so it was kind of tricky making it in a small toaster oven thing and a hand mixer as it is a rather complicated one to make and needs to be split into two pans. The fondant was my real struggle that day as I should have reduced the sugar by a cup. The recipe called for way too much and it was fairly dry and hard to work with. I was able to dye enough of it pink and make it into a bow on the cake. Yet another hit. Apparently I beat the standard DQ favourite ice cream cake. Not that I'm bragging or anything. (haha)

So basically I'm going to try and blog about the new things I try to make, discussing what worked, and what didn't go so well. My next post will be my first attempt at making pie, so we will see how that goes.

- Hayley

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