Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sew I'm trying something new..

I have decided to take up sewing in the last few weeks after a short return to the overly time consuming hobby of knitting. I had decided that I was going to knit the people in my life Christmas gifts, however, halfway though my one and only scarf I pretty much gave up because it was just taking far too long! So I decided to drag my sewing machine out of the crawl space and see what I could do with it.

My first project happened to be a '60s' skirt. This happened coincidentally when I found this cute pattern in Talize, a local thrift store while visiting a few days before Christmas. I also picked up some stretchy denim fabric whilst there, deciding this would be the fabric. While it did go rather smooth, there were a few hiccups amongst the way, mostly having to do with sizing... it's a used pattern that had been previously cut, and as I said before, is from the 60s. So I used the size I thought was mine and ran with it. Prior to this, I had ZERO idea how to read a pattern, hem, cut or even really sew. Total newbie right here. So of course my first mistake was to cut the hem line I had traced (oops). Because of this, I had to add a panel. However, this panel also made it a little big for me. So all in all, it came together well enough with few visible flaws. I sewed 3 white decorative buttons onto the left side to add a vintage feel. I personally think it's adorable.. I love vintage, and helloo, I MADE it!


  1. Skirt looks good Hayley. I would love to see you wear it. I sewed a lot f clothes in the past. If you need some help let me know, Wonder if there are web sites for how to's in sewing? Enjoy.

  2. Nice job Hayley, and great blog! I. A newbie sewer too and I have found so many free patterns and tutorials online. I haven't done any sewing since last Xmas break when I started learning because of my school schedule, but I'm looking forward to working at it again this break! Maybe we need to have a sewing date!

  3. Oh there are a million sites with tips, patterns and step by step how to's. I have spent countless nights in the last couple weeks perusing through projects I would like to tackle for Christmas.